Are Harry Potter’s Luna Lovegood And James Potter Dating In Real Life?

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Request: Anonymous Hi! Could you do headcanons for James Sirius dating a Hufflepuff? Thank you! I believe my illvermorny was wampus and my Patronus was an Eagle. How American. Thanks, lovely! You hated the idea of having to bring a date, that somehow not having a romantic date to a party made you any lesser of a person or an academic, so almost in protest, you decided to take yourself to the Christmas Party.

Professor Slughorn had invited a lot of interesting people to the Christmas Party; including vampires, professional Quidditch players and members of the Ministry of Magic.

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Linfred of Stinchcombe was a 12th-century wizard and potioneer who was given the nickname “the Potterer” because he enjoyed “pottering about his garden” and after a few years became Potter. He fathered several children, one of whom was Hardwin Potter. They each had nicknames, with James’s own being Prongs because of the prongs of his animagus. Lily Potter’s patronus to the form of a doe while her husband and son’s took the form of a stag.

Lily Luna Potter, named after war heroes Lily Potter and Luna Lovegood, finished her notes with a He soon began to date Catherine Sprout, near the end of ​. He had one child in his life time, James Potter, named after a close friend.

Hermione Kidnapped At Birth Fanfiction. She did just because she knew she should. One notable distinction is that is told almost exclusively from Hermione’s point of view rather than Harry’s. There, Luna Lovegood annoys them and they flip her off, but Draco sits next to them. She looked up as Bellatrix stepped back to admire her handiwork.

Ronald Bilius “Ron” Weasley b. This can’t be true. Sadly for them the ritual they used awakens a dark ancient power. Hi All, I am hoping someone can help me find this fic, I can’t remember the name and it is driving me nuts.

Harry Potter Imagines

Hogwarts’ magic has gone beyond the big screen to touch the lives of the beloved actors in the Harry Potter saga. Although we would like to believe that the couples we see in the movies are real, offscreen, most of the stars have entirely different partners. Are you curious about the real pairs of our favorite actors?

Then this is your lucky day because that is precisely what we will reveal in the article below. Despite his busy agenda fighting Voldemort and his lack of experience in romances, the star of the films managed to win the heart of the talented witch to the point that she eventually became his wife.

May 01, · Harry and Ginny went on to have three kids — James Sirius, Albus from Harry for a moment to look at his friend (and later girlfriend) Ginny Weasley. Potter () Luna Lovegood/Ginny Weasley () Lucius Malfoy/​Narcissa.

And if Harry’s childhood wasn’t ruined before, it definitely is now:. That photo isn’t all, though. Despite the fact that E! Take this one for example:. And check out this one where they apparently took Polyjuice Potion and transformed into owls. Nice try, James and Luna, but we know it’s you:. So why is this such a big deal? OK, first, let’s skip past the fact that in “Harry Potter,” Luna came in during Ginny’s year and is younger than Harry. Just forget that.

Now his dad might be taking her out? Oh, and what about Lily Potter, James? What about Lily? Voldemort has done some pretty messed up things to Harry Potter before, but this might be crossing the line. That being said, we wish all the happiness in the world to the potential couple because they are just actors and Harry Potter isn’t real.

Harry Potter co-stars Evanna Lynch and Robbie Jarvis dating in real life

Luna Lovegood, our favourite poster child for bizarre personalities, tried her hardest to date Harry Potter , only to be devastated when he took up with his one true love, Ginny Weasley. The actors behind Luna Lovegood and James Potter, Evanna Lynch and Robbie Jarvis, are having a non-magical, very normal relationship that they like to plaster all over social media. And even though the characters of James Potter and Luna Lovegood never came across each other in the series — likely because he died before she was born — this Harry Potter romance news makes us so happy anyway.

There is a hidden sex scene in the third Harry Potter movie.

Read Luna Lovegood from the story Fan Art Harry Potter by with reads. Harry Potter · Harry Potter Brace yourselves! Luna Lovegood is dating James Potter!

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Luna lovegood dating james potter. Luna Lovegood and Harry Potter’s dad are dating

Luna Lovegood and James Potter are dating?! Brace yourselves, Muggles, because it’s true: Harry Potter stars Evanna Lynch and Robbie Jarvis have posted more than a few adorable selfies together on Instagram, and all signs point to the pair being a couple. In fact, they seem to have been dating for more than a year, but their relationship made headlines over the past week.

Evanna all but confirmed their relationship status with two different Instagram posts in April, calling him her “boyf” while they were video chatting and joking about “a vital relationship cornerstone” collapsing after she realised that emoji didn’t quite translate between their phones.

Although it hasn’t actually yet been confirmed they are dating. But the evidence suggests they most definitely are. Evanna most recently posted.

Read More. His birth appeared to fulfill a prophecy given months before by Sybill Trelawney. This prophecy would be the impetus for many events, including the death of James and Lily 18 months later. The Fidelius Charm is cast to hide the Potters, with Peter Pettigrew acting as Secret Keeper Dumbledore had offered to be secret keeper, but James and Lily had refused, planning to go with Sirius Black instead — but switching to Pettigrew at the last minute. Defeat of Voldemort; James and Lily Potter are killed Voldemort attempts to kill Harry Potter after murdering his parents, but the spell rebounds onto Voldemort.

Voldemort, nearly dead and without physical form, retreats into the forests of Albania where… Read More.

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THE Harry Potter film series ended four years ago, with all of its stars moving on from the wizarding world. Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox. After discovering that Pansy Parkinson, aka actress Scarlett Byrne, has got engaged to Hugh Hefner’s son, we got wondering — where are Hogwarts’ most promising graduates now?

Irish beauty Evanna has left behind Luna Lovegood but stuck around in acting, most recently playing the main character in Irish movie My Name Is Emily.

Did you know that Evanna Lynch was dating her former Harry Potter The ​year-old actress, best known for playing Luna Lovegood, has Robbie played young James Potter in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

When a love potion enters the equation… oh, boy. Lily was seething, artificial steam emitting from her reddened ears. Interesting how things turned out. A smile accentuated her mouth, and she had to hold back from grinning ear-to-ear. Sirius beamed, his eyes fixated on her like he was in some sort of trance. Absolutely, rivetingly bloody mad. Mouth set in an amused pout, she leaned forward, examining his face with a very intense expression on her face.

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