6 Things We Learned Talking To Someone Who Believes She’s A Spiritual Being

The key difference between the two, is that Lightworkers would have guided people from Higher realms, whereas Earth Angels would have guided people from the Angelic realm. Even though they have the power and knowledge to do this work, occasionally Lightworkers and Earth Angels are returned to Earth in order to do their work in human form. Usually both Lightworkers and Earth Angels will find themselves drawn to the world of healing, metaphysics, plant medicine, intuition, mediumship, crystals, fairies and so on. Both Lightworkers and Earth Angels may also appear wise beyond their years and carry an innate knowledge and understanding of energy, different dimensions and higher realms. You can read about common Lightworker signs here and common Earth Angel signs here. Of course, what Lightworkers and Earth Angels are here to do is so much bigger than anything described on these lists and there is certainly a lot of crossover too. Essentially, both of these beings are here to help bring faith, love, hope and gratitude back to the planet and the way that they do this will be as unique as they are.

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Since the publication of her best-selling book Earth Angels , Doreen Virtue presented workshops about these lightworkers to several international audiences, which yielded additional information about the various realms that these beings originate from. In addition to the “core realms” that Doreen discussed in the first book Incarnated Angels, Incarnated Elementals, Star People, and Wise Ones , some new realms have been discovered.

In Realms of the Earth Angels , Doreen discusses the original Earth Angels book, plus gives updated descriptions about the new realms, which include Mystic Angels half-angel, half-wise one ; Leprechauns half-elemental, half-wise one ; Merpeople; Knights; and more. As with the original book, you, the reader, can take an expanded quiz to help you recognize your own realm.

Each realm has its own chapter, with Earth Angel characteristics, suggestions, advice, and case studies. Notify me. Add to Wishlist. Dr Doreen Virtue is a spiritual psychotherapist who works with the angelic realm including the fairies. Dr Virtue is the author of 23 books on MBS issues. She rediscovered her childhood clairvoyancy when she reacted to a life-saving message sent to her from a guardian angel.

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By Tessa Cunningham for the Daily Mail. He even believes that, while no one else may be able to see them, he sports a glorious pair of wings as a sign of his mission — and he is convinced his late wife, Joanne, visits him daily to ensure he maintains his angelic role. His new wife might object to this, were she not equally convinced Steve is an angel. Burly former fireman Steve Howell, pictured, is convinced that he is an ‘Earth angel’ who has angel wings.

Call them fanciful or deluded, but Steve is one of a growing band of men who fervently believe the only way to explain their uncanny powers of spiritual intuition is that they are angels. I am in touch with spirits and I have acute intuition.

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But remember? You probably felt it, too. You mean that color?? You actually chose the experience. Because that is what Earth Angels do. So now it all makes sense, perhaps, in a weird sort of energy or aha! As angels all children, embracing Who They Are is earthwise best parenting you can provide. They will thrive even more with your support behind them.

Angels angels arrive much faster to live what they came here to be in full while being fully supported by the Universe. You dating to be fully supported as you.


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We begin by considering what an earth angel is, the common characteristics they share that set them apart from other humans, and what it means to be born within​.

Are you an earth angel? This earth angel definition is something completely different. Though we think even Curtis Williams would agree that earth angels represent the very best of us. You might know these types of people by a couple of different names — either lightworkers, earth angels, or something similar. You may have come into contact with one, or maybe you even feel like one of these special people yourself.

Lightworkers literally have come here to spread and share their light as much as possible, and bring about help and positive change to this planet. They have no patience for hate, intolerance, violence, or oppression; these types just want everyone to live in harmony and move on from our current problems on Earth. They relate to the way the world worked when we lived off the land, in harmony with each other, the animals, and nature.

They want abundance, laughter, happiness, and joy for all, and are some of the most selfless people you will ever meet. Earth angels want to align with pure, loving energy, and by doing so, help others to find their highest self in this lifetime.

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To buy the following course as a gift, enter the name and email address of the recipient below and click ‘Gift this course’. You can optionally choose a delivery date for the coupon too. Journey with us through the Earth Angels Diploma Course and explore these incredible beings and whether you may be one We begin by considering what an earth angel is, the common characteristics they share that set them apart from other humans, and what it means to be born within the 7th and 9th dimensions.

As you begin to understand what an earth angel is, you may consider whether you may be one. We look at traits earth angels often demonstrate in childhood and adulthood, and the course includes a questionnaire – the answers to which may indicate whether you may be an earth angel. The course also covers the types of beings connected with earth angels, including walk-ins, incarnated elementals, incarnated angels, wise ones and star persons.

The path an earth angel walks is not an easy one.

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Realms of the Earth Angels by Doreen Virtue $ buy online or call us from Dear Reader, Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand.

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